CMS Care Coordination Codes

Care coordination is a vital element for value-based care, and it's here to stay. For now, Fee For Service (FFS) models grant payments through a growing family of codes. Here's a quick look at the codes available:

Chronic Care Management

  • 99490 CCM 20 minutes

  • 99487 Complex 60 minutes

  • 99489 Complex Additional 30 minutes

  • G0511 CCM for RHC/FQHC Facilities


Annual Wellness Visits

  • G0402 IPPE

  • G0403 EKG for IPPE

  • G0404 EKG tracing for IPPE

  • G0405 EKG interpret & report for IPPE

  • G0438 Initial AWV

  • G0439 Subsequent AWV

Transitional Care Management

  • 99495 Normal

  • 99496 Complex

Advance Care Planning

  • 99497 First 30 minutes

  • 99498 Each Additional 30 minutes

In future posts, we can look more deeply into these categories, and we can dive more deeply into caring for the aging population.

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