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about the company

Bond Medical provides comprehensive administrative and technical services, in whole or in part, to complement medical practices, including software and hardware, electronic healthcare records, billing solutions, and practice administration assistance. Our company is the product of years of medical education and business management, coupled with a passion for technology. Founded by Travis Bond, who applied his unique experience to develop medical business strategies that enable medical facilities to thrive in the 21st century, Bond Medical is your go-to for all of your healthcare technology needs. A team approach, an extensive suite of products and services, and daily involvement in every aspect of medical administration give a distinctive advantage to Bond clients.

about Travis Bond

Travis is a healthcare technology disruptor, a passionate entrepreneur, and a charismatic leader. Leveraging his diverse educational background in business, finance, and medicine, Travis creates products and services that have dramatically enhanced the way people do business and the way patients experience healthcare.


solutions for real market problems

Travis Bond has the ability to take an idea, often one ahead of its time, and turn it into solutions that change the way people consume healthcare, at exactly the right time.  A healthcare technology disruptor, Travis evaluates the problems and needs in the healthcare industry, recruits the best talent to design and develop his visions, and creatively brings these products and services to life with creative, outside the box campaigns for distribution. 

Travis' hands-on approach to leading his

team creates an environment we call the “no laughing zone,” where everybody in the organization is welcome and encouraged to provide solutions to problems and obstacles. His creativity in solving problems, and dedication to the business and the team are above and beyond what is typically expected, and in turn, result in a collaborative rally around solving business challenges.

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turning risk and uncertainty into bigger business opportunities

In 2004, Tampa-based Bond Technologies, led by Travis Bond, built the first .Net Electronic Medical Record (EMR). Travis attracted the industry's best talent, and over a short period of time, built a dream team of healthcare IT experts. Bond Technologies was later sold to a publicly-traded company.

In June of 2010, Bond Technologies’ former head of development and close friend's daughter was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease. Their life was instantly filled with multiple specialists, missed days of school, hospital stays, and over 20 pills each day. Amy, despite having a nursing background and a long career in healthcare  technology, found that playing the role of caregiver and full-time working mom was next to impossible.

Travis decided to leverage the depth of our healthcare experience to build patient-focused, high-tech and high-touch applications and services to help solve the communication problems in healthcare. He created CareSync to help patients and their families manage health with web and mobile applications, coupled with managed services, and led it to become the first and largest provider of chronic care management services.  

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leadership: Meet the Team
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