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Remote Teams that Rock

A big question in startups is whether new positions need to be onsite or can be remote. It's often tough to get the right niche talent in your area, or a previous co-worker with the right experience is, as we say, geographically undesirable.

We bridge the gaps in three ways:

1. Make memories. We try to meet quarterly when we can, and we've got a million stories from late nights working and letting off steam after tough projects.

2. Online collaboration. Although some swear they hate Slack, it's a great way to stay in touch on a daily basis. It's a culture choice to use cloud applications and to make it culturally correct to comment & assign tasks in those apps.

3. Video meetings. No one loves turning on the video button, but humans are visual and eye contact is important. It's a culture choice to use tools like Zoom Rooms and make a habit of checking for remote participants before starting a meeting.


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